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Who we are

We do things differently here at Hanna Shea.

We've become the go-to company for executive placements within the direct selling industry. Since 2007, we've been fully immersed in industry changes and we understand the challenges organizations and leadership teams face.

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How we help our clients

We'll help you get it right the first time

We specialize in C-level, VP, national/regional director, and many more searches, and customize to meet the needs of your leadership team and organization.

Retained Search

• Experienced recruiters work closely with you to fully understand the role requirements and any challenges
• Aggressively marketed to generate the highest number of potential candidates
• Timely results to meet your urgent time-to-fill needs
• Full stack of resources; from creating the job description through to the offer letter and every step in between

Always-on Sourcing

• Gives you peace of mind while we keep a constant pulse on the talent market
• Removes burden of urgency off your shoulders
• Zero upfront commitment from you; low-risk option that only requires a commission if you hire one of our candidates
• Confidential search through agencies to ensure privacy

Short-term Options

• Flexibility in your relationship with the candidate
• Get a sense of a candidate’s cultural fit before hire
• À la carte solutions: compensation design, field development, on-boarding, training, etc.
• Collaboration with us to ensure we’re providing what’s best for you and your company

A few of our happy clients

Why they love us

The Hanna Shea team took the time to understand our mission and needs beyond the job description, ultimately producing results above our expectations.

George Kilroy

VP, Talent Acquisition & Executive Recruiting

Their knowledge and experience has always impressed me, along with their great communication and customer service makes them stand out and have achieved such industry loyalty.

Peter Christoff

Chief Operation Officer

Hanna Shea does a great job of matching people and jobs, developing a job description, candidate prepping and negotiations for both sides of the equation. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Jennifer Wolbers

Managing Partner


They have exceeded my expectations with their timeliness, transparency, insights, and advice. I recommend to any company hiring executives or to any executive looking to advance their career.

Lynn Branham

Candidate Client

Why you'll love us too

• We're leaders in executive placements since 2007
• We're exclusive to the direct sales industry
• Our clients refer other companies to us
• We help bring startup companies to market
• We guarantee all of our placements

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