PBS & Direct Sales; Risk Assessment Strategies for Recruiting & Developing Talent

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article on how PBS has used risk assessments to guide their budgeting and planning process. The article caught my attention as PBS’ mission is to “empower individuals to achieve their potential,” which is also the core mission of direct selling companies and the industry as a whole.

To fulfill that mission PBS must perform well financially and they engage risk assessment strategies when planning – scanning the long- and short-term horizon. Similarly, the same approach is used when PBS is recruiting and developing talent. This is where I experience a differential in the direct selling industry and where direct selling companies could apply some similar assessments.

For start-ups and young direct selling companies, founders and executives have the luxury of hiring employees that understand and mirror the core values, mission and culture of the company – which further supports the efforts of the corporate executives in building a strong field leadership team. Since the founders are essentially building that team from scratch, they have the ability to assemble a team designed to specifically meet those criteria.

Established direct sellers looking for long-term consistency in their employee ranks are also working hard to keep their staff engaged and motivated. Productivity, teamwork and communication are key essentials for success in a business that moves quickly, where responding effectively to evolving field and business needs are a must have skill set. Not only do new recruits need to have the functional experience companies are looking for, they also must understand – and live – the company’s core values, mission and culture.

For both types of companies, DiSC Assessments can be an incredibly useful tool. DiSC profiles allow managers to understand behavioral differences in and what motivates different people. It is used to help increase person productivity and team collaboration. For Startups and younger companies, these profiles are essential in identifying potential employees that understand, and are motivated by, the company’s long-term goals. For established companies, DiSC profiles helps to identify recruits that have a greater probability of working well with previously established departments and teams.

We view DiSC assessments as a way to help mitigate the risk that is naturally involved in bringing new people into a company. Due to the direct seller growth phases, it is of particular importance that companies get the hiring right…the first time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, and if I can answer any questions about DiSC please feel free to reach out any time!

Sean Eggert