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National Director of Sales – Houston


Commensurates with Experience


Houston, TX

Job Information


Title:   National Director of Sales

Salary: Commensurate with experience (Salary + Bonus)

Location: HQ – Houston TX

Job Information  

Client: Confidential

Prepared by: Hanna-Shea Consulting

Projected Start Date: Immediate

Relocation Required: Yes



Our client has a proven track record of professional success and is now positioned to bring a unique opportunity to the North American. Our client has the exclusive North American rights to market a 650+ year old 100% pure, natural ingredient therapeutic product from Europe. Our client is driven to share this amazing product and business opportunity so that others can benefit from it.


Our client’s company was born to share this amazing, but yet relatively unknown product, with the world. With literally hundreds of years of use behind this product from both professionals and users there is no lack of documented information and research backing the claims of the product. The product can be used with a wide variety of skin issues, from burns, dry skin, bruises, and other damage. The product has gained such notoriety within Europe that it has even been blessed by the Vatican, calling it a special gift.



We are looking for a; confident, competitive, collaborative, resilient, resourceful, intelligent, tech savvy, sales leader that is willing to bet on themselves all day long.

This unique opportunity is perfectly suited for the individual that is highly driven, and looking for compensation that rewards results. We are looking for a sales leader that embraces the use of modern technology and social media to build their own brand that they can use to benefit our client.

  • Proven track record of developing successful sales teams. (downlines)
  • Strong rolodex of potential sales leaders (Presidential Founders)
  • Experience in developing strategic business plans and building executable action plans to drive growth of the sales/distributor organization
  • Must have the ability to translate and sell benefits of the reseller plan to potential distributors
  • Comfortable and charismatic on stage presenting to small and large groups in public forums, must be comfortable being the “face” of the company.

Quantifiable Qualifications

Please be prepared to provide evidence of the following:

  1. Track record of success within Network Marketing organization building and developing a successful downline.
  2. 7+ year experience within Network Marketing
  3. Demonstrable evidence of working with compensation plans to influence sales field behavior.
  4. Ability to demonstrate long term sales strategy tactics and planning.
    1. Examples of past plans, with examples of success and failure.
    2. Be prepared to discuss a 30,60, 90 day plan that you would bring to the table if hired.


Submission of a current resume, preferably in Word format.

  • Initial phone screen with Hanna Shea Consulting
  • If mutual decision to advance is made, candidate will be required to sign NDA and provide additional documentation* and references as requested.
  • Interview with clients hired consulting company.
  • Presentation to client
  • Follow up will be determined during the interview.
  • Reference and background checks


Interested applicants should send a copy of their resume, along with a cover letter, including social network profiles directly relating to this opportunity to info@hannashea.com.

Hanna Shea Executive Search is the direct sales and network marketing industry leader for retained executive searches, and is the agent employed to search and fill the position for our client. All initial communication to be handled through Hanna Shea Consulting. Companies interested in learning more about Hanna Shea’s services should call 844.344.7177 or email info@hannashea.com.

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