Direct Selling Executive Search

Three Reasons to Hire an Executive Placement Agency for Your Direct Selling Executive Search


Do you have a superstar at every position in your leadership team?

Has your company plateaued or does it need help getting to that next level?

Are in need of an experienced direct selling specialist?

Do you feel your company could benefit from a fresh perspective?

If so, hiring an Executive Search Firm for your next placement is a smart decision.

Here are the reasons why:

1. Proven Process Equal Success – Good Hires Don’t Happen By Accident

Sure, you can interview and hire a direct selling executive yourself, but at what cost?

If you are a small to mid-sized Direct Selling Company you may not have the luxury of having an HR department to lead the hiring charge.

This means that your valuable time running the business will now be pulled away to review dozens if not hundreds of resumes, and conducting time-consuming interviews. If you are to do your due diligence this can amount to 100’s of hours spent hiring one executive.

Perhaps your company has an HR department and you can have them take the lead on the search. Most HR leaders will tell you that the hiring process is the least favorite part of their job. Again, it is time consuming and can be frustrating sifting through the haystack of resumes to find that one needle.

Limited Resources

In many cases the HR department is limited in terms of their exposure to the rest of the industry. They are focused on payroll, regulatory issues, compliance, training, policy and procedure.

How can they be expected to seek new leadership with fresh ideas and perspectives when they themselves are so isolated and over burdened?

A search firm brings you the focus and dedication to the search that is necessary in order to achieve success.

Good Hires Don’t Happen By Accident

They are a result of hours and hours of resume reviews and thorough interviews along with industry knowledge. There are no short cuts to doing the process right. Using a search firm give you this dedication and an unbiased and objective approach to your search.

2. A Valuable Source of Industry Insights

Often times as a business owner, C level or HR executive we focus too much in the business instead of working on the business.

The demands of the position require your full attention to the health of your organization and allow only minimum time to keep an eye on industry happenings.

Executive Recruiters work in the trenches day in and day out. They are aware of the changes and challenges happening within the employment marketplace of the industry and are able to advise their clients on potential opportunities or challenges.

Not only that…

They are aware of what the top direct selling executives are doing, and what the top companies are doing to grow exponentially.

A good direct selling recruiter makes it their job to understand the state of the industry, knowing what’s trending, and what is failing.

This is all information that can be extremely valuable when an organization looks to add someone to their executive team.

3. A Sure Way To Add Top Talent To Your Team

A good direct selling executive search firm is connecting with and getting to know the top talent in the industry on a daily bases.

They are always networking, building relationships and trust which allows them to find you the best candidates in the market.

Generally, these are candidates an employer would never have found on their own, or even been aware of.

There is also a good chance that the candidate would not have been aware of you or the opportunity within your organization.

A good executive recruiting agency is focused, knowledgeable and driven to place a successful candidates into winnable situations with their clients.

They understand the industry they service and have no other distractions keeping them from the goal of putting the right executive in place with their clients.

They allow their clients to feel secure knowing the due diligence is being done for such an important, yet time consuming, task.

They are focused on forming a long term partnership with you based on the success of every executive they place within your organization.