Candidate Focus: What You Need to Know in Landing a New Job

One of my primary duties as a recruiter is to identify and qualify candidates. Whether a potential

candidate finds me, or I find them, one of my first qualification steps is researching a candidate’s

background – which involves researching their social media presence. I find it serves two primary

purposes; (1) it helps me to experience the personal and professional aspects of a candidate, and (2) it

allows me a brief initial assessment of their social media skill set. Whether the job directly involves the

need for social media and online knowledge, professionals need to understand the role these tools play

in the business world today.

So if you are currently in the market for a new position, or plan to be looking soon, here are a few quick

tips to get your online profiles up to date and “recruiter ready” today.

1. Update your profiles across your social media channels, with a focus on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has well

over 100,000 active recruiters on its site and they are looking to fill positions. But remember, Facebook,

Instagram, Twitter are only a click away – so keep everything up to date and consistent, with an eye

towards the future. In addition to accomplishments, be sure to include what else can you offer a

potential employer?

2. Connect and engage! LinkedIn groups are a great resource to connect with people in the same

industry, that perform the same function. By adding relevant content and ideas to a conversation, as

well as becoming a valuable resource, you can quickly expand your network. Facebook is also a great

network to ‘like’ companies, share knowledge, and join in on the conversation.

3. Use social networks to enhance your job search. Follow the social channels of the companies that

interest you, as most will post available positions on their pages. For recruiters, we often post positions

on our social channels (and not on job sites).

If you are interested in working for a hot start-up, take a look beyond the technology industry. There are

other industries that are growing at a fast clip. We focus on hiring in the direct sales industry, an

industry that continues to grow year-after-year. The unique nature of the industry, and the success of

the eCommerce component, is attracting more entrepreneurs and equity firms than ever before seen in

years past.

Looking for a position in a start-up can be a bit more challenging. Attend networking and startup events,

plug into the networks that provide startup news, and connect with recruiters that work with startups.

Generally, you want to get organized, enhance your social media presence, and be gracious as you look

for new opportunities. Following these simple steps will, not only help in your of pursuit of that perfect

position, but help ensure your long term professional success.jumpjump