Belcorp: A 2015 World’s Best Multinational Workplace & What it Means For Direct Selling

While companies look to recruit and hire the right candidate, job seekers are equally interested in finding the right position at the right company. Great Place to Work®, “GPtoW,” a global research and consulting firm, recently released its 5th annual list of World’s Best Multinational Workplaces. Belcorp, the Peruvian direct sales beauty giant came in at #12. Belcorp, a beauty brand company, employs more than 10,000 at its headquarters in Lima, Peru, and has over one million independent consultants, called Beauty Advisors, across the Americas. GPtoW selects these organizations based on their proprietary Trust Index© Employee Survey and their Culture Audit© assessment. Throughout the years it has been found that trust, pride and camaraderie are the universal foundations to a great workplace. Geography plays a role on the order of these priorities; but globally, they remain constant.

The presence of Belcorp on the list reflects more than the achievement of the list itself. It’s the successful compilation of a unified company culture in an industry where that can be challenging; the building of a unique Belcorp community. Belcorp seems to have gotten it right.

We find that an individual’s fit into a company ‘community’ is best measured by an assessment test. The use of assessment tests to screen applicants is another way for a company to ensure they are bringing on board the candidate that will fit into the culture of the company, and potentially complement the strengths and weaknesses of those that will be working around them; complementing the corporate culture.

One of the tools we strongly recommend and offer to our clients with our executive placement services is the DiSC assessment. The DISC assessment, rather than trying to measure your level of experience, personal skills, or motivations, simply tries to explain how you do what you do. It evaluates observable behavior, which is the combination of your natural behavior and your adapted behavior. The DISC personality assessment divides behaviors into four quadrants: dominance (D), influence (I), steadiness (S), and conscientiousness (C). After taking the test, DISC reports the relative strengths of the applicant, scoring them from 0 to 100 in D, I, S, and C.

 The assessment values neutral language. This means you cannot score well or badly, you’re simply evaluated according to the four different personality types.

 It helps you identify personality types that complement your team. Diversity of thinking is key in a successful team, especially in a startup. You want to have a diverse team that can think of problems and solutions from different perspectives. If your team is all Cs, then you might want to add an I or

 It can counterbalance your own hiring weakness. After all, someone can be a great manager and a terrible interviewer.

 It removes personal biases. A test is more objective than an “emotion-clad human being.”

 It can help people better understand themselves and adapt their behavior at work.

 It fast tracks the “getting to know each other” stages of the relationship by exposing each person communication, leadership, and work styles.

Taking things a step further a DiSC assessment can be taken by both the employee and employer and insightful recommendations can be given to both parties to help them work together; reducing turnover and ultimately improving a company’s bottom line.

Hanna Shea Executive Search