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About Us

I understand first hand the challenges of finding and attracting top-level talent into your company. As an executive, I faced the same challenges myself. The task of doing your due diligence can seem overwhelming and demotivating when you think about the time it takes to go through the hiring process the proper way. Your business isn’t going to stop and wait for you, and your to-do list isn’t going to get any shorter while you manage the hiring process. It is a time consuming and often frustrating process that requires your dedication in order to ensure success. 
I have also been on the other end, having worked with executive recruiters and being at what felt like was their mercy. It can be a deeply emotional and frustrating process for a candidate that is looking to make a change. A lack of clear communication or no communication at all seemed to be the norm in my experiences. I felt like a number and questioned the recruiters understanding of my value and abilities. 
This is why I care deeply about Hanna Shea. I understand the challenges you face as an executive in need of talent, and as a top-level candidate looking for a new opportunity. I wanted to bring a new level of professionalism and understanding along with compassion to the industry. We take a deep interest in our client’s companies and our candidate’s futures. We understand the privilege we have to be able to serve you. We learn about your challenges, needs, and goals to develop a clear picture of how we can effectively help you. 
I hope you will consider partnering with Hanna Shea to improve your business or to get your career to the next level. 

Sean Eggert

Established in 2007 with a clear vision of doing things differently, Hanna Shea has grown into the “go-to” company for the Direct Sales industry. Building from a foundation of “ethics first” in everything we do, we treat each and every search and candidate with an unmatched level of respect. At Hanna Shea, it is our mission to help business grow by matching the right talent with our clients unique staffing and consulting needs, and to build fulfilling careers for the executives we place. We aim to build long term partnerships with our clients by creating a professional, transparent, successful and enjoyable experience with every search we do. Whether you are new to the party plan and mlm industries, or an established company, we have executive search solutions customized for your company’s specific needs.