Effective Hiring Tips for Busy Executives

3 Effective Hiring Tips for Busy Executives

Sure, you have great products. You also have a great strategy to sell them. But what if your company is not reaching its full potential because it lacks people? It’s great to be hands-on when it comes to recruiting people. After all, it’s your company and you want to make sure that you’re working with the best ones. But realistically, it’s hard to get involved with recruitment when you’re juggling lots of roles and responsibilities.

Here are some effective hiring tips you might want to consider.

Establish a system.

Hiring the best and most qualified people in a competitive job market is tough for executives. That’s why you need to set clear goals in the first place. Do you want to recruit the most number of people and allow the most resilient and best ones to stay? Do you aim to hire the best ones from the get-go?

You may consider several points when you start a recruitment system. First, organizations that invest in employer branding are three times more likely to get quality hires. Those that invest in strong candidate experience get 70% quality hires. Lastly, a difficult job interview process results in 2.6 higher employee satisfaction later on.

You also need to reconsider your minimum requirements. Once your needs and requirements are clearly set, it’s easier for your hiring people to devise effective strategies that may work best for you and your company.

Stay proactive.

You may now think that you have the right number of people to keep things going. But check this out; a survey shows that 66% of millennials may leave their jobs by 2020. That’s why it’s always uncertain that you’ll keep a full talent pipeline. Always keep an open mind to recruiting people and you’ll surely get a great hire.

You should also consider your employees’ pay, responsibility, and growth. Find ways to increase flexibility and improve the benefit packages. With happy employees, word-of-mouth advertising can help you attract the right kind of people in your company.

Seek help.

Use available tools at your disposal to hire people. This will depend on the qualifications you’re looking for and the budget you’re willing to spend on recruitment. For entry-level positions, you can post at local and online job boards without a fee such as eumeus.com.

You can also consider online recruitment platforms that can do the job for you. For more experienced hires, you can scour LinkedIn and similar platforms. That way, you can look for talents whose experience, skill set, and qualifications are best for your company.

Second-party agencies will make recruitment easier for you. With an established requirement, you can specify your needs. They will be the ones to screen the candidate applicants before the most qualified applicants get forwarded to you.

How busy executives can effectively hire people

Stay proactive, establish a system to keep a full talent pipeline, and use a reliable and trustworthy second-party company. With great and driven people helping you, your company will surely reach great heights.