8 Great Interview Questions Every Prospective Employer Should Know About

    Whether you are a veteran at the interview process or hiring your first employee, there is no doubt that “the interview” is a critical component of the recruitment process, making it imperative to ask the right questions. Here are a few of the most important questions available to […]

Using Facebook and Social Media to Attract, Recruit & Retain Talent

In a day and age where business has become predominantly digital, most business leaders understand the importance of integrating social media into their sales and marketing strategies, however, many fail to consider it when it comes to first attracting, then recruiting and retaining quality candidates for their organizations. While most […]

Dress For Interview Success!

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.”  Deion Sanders As an executive recruiter, my job is to find the candidate with the right skills for the position and a right cultural fit for the company. Appearance […]

5 Reasons Why Hiring an Executive Recruiter FIRST Helps Direct Sales Companies Meet Hiring Needs FAST

I speak to in-house recruiting colleagues daily and the one thread that links our conversations is ROI. Recruiting ROI. Most are fearful of budget ramifications that will have a negative impact on their HR departments; which tend to run lean. Others tend to want more control over the process – […]

Human Capital Trends and Hiring Right: A look back at 2015 with an eye on 2016

Human Capital Trends and Hiring Right: A look back at 2015 with an eye on 2016   It’s no secret that the “new world of work” continues to evolve. Ever advancing technology, new job skills and a new generation of consumers have set the stage for change. Today, employees are […]

6 Helpful Tips To Enjoy Your Office Holiday Party, Without Jeopardizing Your Job

After a lull in recent years due to the struggling economy and subsequent tightening of budgets, in 2014, a survey conducted by Challenger, Gray and Christmas found that nearly 90% of companies planned to reinstate their annual holiday party. And why not? Holiday events are a cost-effective way for companies […]

Holiday Hiring, Don’t Sit On Your Butt!

Contrary to popular belief, the end of the year is the perfect time to land your dream job. It is also the perfect time to find your company that key executive that has been missing from your team. The old thinking that everything, especially hiring, shuts down from Thanksgiving through […]

Candidate Focus: What You Need to Know in Landing a New Job

One of my primary duties as a recruiter is to identify and qualify candidates. Whether a potential candidate finds me, or I find them, one of my first qualification steps is researching a candidate’s background – which involves researching their social media presence. I find it serves two primary purposes; […]

Belcorp: A 2015 World’s Best Multinational Workplace & What it Means For Direct Selling

While companies look to recruit and hire the right candidate, job seekers are equally interested in finding the right position at the right company. Great Place to Work®, “GPtoW,” a global research and consulting firm, recently released its 5th annual list of World’s Best Multinational Workplaces. Belcorp, the Peruvian direct sales beauty giant came in […]


DIRECT SELLERS – TAKE NOTE… Last week Amazon announced the hiring of 100,000 seasonal workers, up 25% from last year. The retail giant’s continuing growth is driven, primarily, based on the demands stemming from the e-commerce market, so Amazon’s hiring trends is an important indicator of the acceptance of online […]