PBS & Direct Sales; Risk Assessment Strategies for Recruiting & Developing Talent

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article on how PBS has used risk assessments to guide their budgeting and planning process. The article caught my attention as PBS’ mission is to “empower individuals to achieve their potential,” which is also the core mission of direct selling companies and the industry as a […]

Sustainability Programs Guide Investors … and Candidates

There has been a growing trend among mutual funds to take a more pro-active stance in investing in companies that, in addition to being profitable, also benefit the greater good of society in some way. As a recruiter, and based on my professional experience, companies that have strong sustainability programs attract top talent. […]

On The Job Happiness & How to Achieve It – Part II

As discussed in Part I, striving to be “on the job happy” is a legitimate, and worthy goal. After all, your employer hired you because you were the best person for the job; shouldn’t the company reciprocate with the best job experience for the employee? Here are 5 more components to consider […]

On The Job Happiness & How to Achieve It. Part I

On The Job Happiness & How to Achieve It – Part I Monetary rewards aside, how happy are you at work? If the answer to that question is a positive one, then all of your hard work and dedication has paid off, and well worth the struggles that have (and […]

Strategies to Enhance Your Interview Success

Understanding that interviewing is a skill, and as with all skills, preparation and practice enhance the quality of that skill. And, preparing for a job interview can certainly be stressful, as there are so many factors beyond your control. But there is one thing you can control that can make all […]

Social Media Recruiting: Pitfalls and Mistakes to Avoid – Part II

As discussed in Part I, the explosive growth of social media has significantly changed the way people communicate – personally and professionally. And, for hiring managers and recruiters there are privacy and legal risks unique to the social media environment. In addition to the potential legal risks, there are other […]

Social Media Recruiting: Pitfalls and Mistakes to Avoid – Part I

There is no doubt that the exploding growth of social media has significantly changed the way people communicate today – both personally and professionally. Not only has social media changed the way we communicate, but these applications present great opportunities for businesses in the areas of public relations, internal and […]

“The 3 C’s” Every Job Candidate Should Possess!

Would you attend a training course taught by someone with no experience on the subject matter? Would you make a repeat purchase from a sales professional who had previously let you down? Or, would you go “above and beyond” for a co-worker or friend who didn’t routinely keep their word? Most likely, the answer is “no” to […]

6 Interview Questions Every Candidate Should Ask

A job interview is not just a time for employers to ask questions of a job candidate – to see if they are an ideal fit for the job – it is a chance for smart job applicants to assess how well aligned their goals are with those of the company – and […]

8 Great Interview Questions Every Prospective Employer Should Know About

    Whether you are a veteran at the interview process or hiring your first employee, there is no doubt that “the interview” is a critical component of the recruitment process, making it imperative to ask the right questions. Here are a few of the most important questions available to […]