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Job: Eastern Regional Director of Field Development


Eastern Regional Director of Field Development




Irvine, CA (On-Site)

Job Information

This is a leadership role for sales and business development. Eastern Regional Director of Field Development will focus on developing new markets, maintaining existing markets and increasing distributorship business in the Eastern Region of USA and Canada. (Eastern Region covers all states from the East Coast to Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana in the U.S. and all provinces from the East Coast to Ontario in Canada.) This job is accountable for achieving pre-assigned company targets for sales and sponsoring on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

This position must be driven by the purpose of empowering Consultants to succeed in their businesses. The Eastern Regional Director will provide superior business training both internally and externally on a daily basis, identify learning gaps and develop content and programs to drive sales growth and recruits.


• Be the primary contact person between the company and independent sales consultants and leaders.

• Responsible for tracking, motivating and supporting assigned field leaders in order for them to meet their sales & sponsoring goals.

• Must be resourceful and support the field with product and business knowledge. Establish a professional relationship with the field to provide full support for each leader to expand/grow their business.

• Responsible for providing feedback, comments and any issues from the field to the company management for better understanding of the market.

• Develop and conduct business training for the staff and consultants on how to increase business motivation, bonus, sales and number of recruits.

• Conduct business training in person, by phone, Conference Calls, E-mail and social media.

• Play the key role in developing corporate business events, including convention, business training, local leaders’ meeting, etc.

• Responsible for providing direct manager with daily, weekly and monthly written reports briefly detailing activities performed as well as future plans.

• Prospect for potential new clients and turn this into increased business.

• Provide leadership and direction to effectively train and motivate field leaders in the areas of business development and sales.

• Handle all phone calls relating to products and business (product consultation, Bonus checks, Compensation Plan, campaigns, incentive trips, as well as leads coming in via phone, fax, mail, e-mail and the web).

• Conduct and motivate leaders to conduct daily and weekly outside and inside sales activities with downline consultants and prospects such as Business Opportunity Meeting, business training, etc. and strive to achieve 20 or more sales activities conducted per month in the Eastern Region.

• Help to identify and support potential new leaders, with special emphasis on local independent sales consultants, and help to develop their skills to be successful leaders.

• All communication with independent sales consultants will be professional and require discretion and independent judgment.

• Provide accurate and appropriate sales forecasting, analysis and response to selling challenges in a broad and diverse marketplace.

• Other duties as assigned by department head or President.


• Strong business acumen and professionalism, excellent customer focus, attention to detail and outstanding communication skills in all forms.

• Demonstrated team builder/player who is result-driven, energetic, creative and hard-working with a reputation as a sales team leader.

• 2+ years of experience in direct-selling (network-marketing) industry as a corporate staff.

• 2+ years of experience in field development, training and/or sales development.

• A successful track record in training and developing sales representatives and distributors.

• Must possess excellent presentation and training skills and the ability to speak in front of large groups.

• Strong verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.

• Knowledge in skincare, personal care and nutritional supplement products a plus.

• Ability to travel overnight to conduct and/or attend conferences, meetings and trainings at least 4 times per year or more based on management’s strategic direction and field demand.

• Availability for weekday evening and weekend hours for company and/or field activities and events.

• Ability to lead, influence and take initiative.

• Budget management skills.

• Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office applications required as well as internet and other software applications.

• Have a comprehensive understanding of all Noevir products and the Compensation Plan and be able to communicate the information to the field.

• Continual self-education including reading books, materials, articles on network-marketing, MLM and direct selling industry publications.

• Commitment to company vision, mission and values.


• Work in a professional office environment and adhere to company dress code to maintain a healthy, professional and well-groomed appearance.

• Sitting for long periods of time, standing for long periods of time when conducting training, meetings
& other events.

• Talking and listening for long periods of time via phone and in-person during appointments, meetings
& trainings.

• Moving/rearranging tables, chairs in the training rooms, carrying flip charts, products to and from training room & downstairs lobby area/conference rooms.

• Must occasionally lift and/or move up to 25 lbs.

• While performing the duties of this job, the employee frequently is required to use arms, hands and fingers to reach, feel or handle products and tools for demonstration.