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Job: Director of Software Development (Phoenix, AZ)


Director of Software Development (Phoenix, AZ)


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Phoenix, Arizona

Job Information

Job Title: Director Software Development

Location: Arizona

Relocation Required



Position Summary

Reporting to the CIO this role is the strategic leader of a software development team. They are accountable for the design, development execution, support, maintenance, and performance of all software development initiatives. They directly lead teams of software developers on a day to day basis and interact with merchant, vendor partners and business stakeholders. Manage a team of software development professionals and contractors. Participate in and lead Agile planning to deliver against milestone. Provide leadership and direction to staff and act as an escalation point on related matters.

Position Accountabilities

The following are essential accountabilities:

 Contribute to the overall growth and success of organization by embracing the organization’s core values.

 Responsible for directly managing a team of software development professionals. Lead agile planning and execution to help the team achieve milestones and ultimately deliver the product.

 Work closely with various Product Owners and Project Managers to ensure delivery of the product with the agreed upon target dates. Participate on senior leadership team representing the technology perspective as well as the overarching strategic of the business.

 Work with Product Owners and Executive Stakeholders to establish the long-term vision and strategic direction of the product set.

 Provide timely and accurate reporting relevant to development function including: Delivering on scope and size assessment based on business requirements on along with QA and DevOps teams to provide Level Effort estimations and Schedules. Ensure that the team Knowledge and skills are up-to- date through training, pair programming, etc…

 Seek ways to continuously improve development methods and processes to maximize productivity and quality. Ensure that architectural integrity is maintained and the team is adhering to best practice standards

 Study technology trends, innovation, competitive functional advancement, and customer/market trends in order to determine proposed changes to existing product and/or technology stack a hands-on, participative leadership style that encourages creative problems solving.

 Embody organization through the positive and selfless promotion of others. Collaborate with all team members regardless of position and all departments with mutual value and respect.

 Commit to open and honest dialogue with peers and all employees for the purpose of contributing to goals. Responsible for individual deliverables and holding others accountable for their contributions.

 Lead teams to achieve goals through collaboration, effective communication, and successful execution. Meet deadlines with the resources provided and never compromise ethical standards.

 We take charge of our personal development and are continuously committed to the professional development of our teams through empowering decisions, coaching and providing development opportunities

 Must have a penchant for continuous improvement. Automation, process effectiveness reviews armed with objective reasoning for deciding the best course of action.

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or related field.

Preferred Education: Master’s Degree in computer Science or related field.

Minimum Experience: 8-10 years of experience with a multi-level marketing or large e-commerce company. Strong understanding and experience development API’s and web service concepts such as REST, SOAP business object representation. Experience leading a high-preforming development team using an agile methodology is required along with collaboration tools like JIRA Confluence. A Minimum of 5-7 years utilizing Microsoft Stack or an Open Source Software Stack (Java, Node, etc) in a programming capacity / development experience is required. Experience working with complex, high- transactional environment is required.

Special Skills: Ability to collaborate with others and thrive in a team environment while meeting individual goals and expectations. Ability to anticipate obstacles, communicate effectively and plan accordingly. Adept at providing solutions and working in cross functional areas to facilitate successful completion of projects. Demonstrated ability to contribute to the professional development of a team and provide innovative leadership. Ability to bring high energy, remain positive in a dynamic organization and lead high-performing teams. Values relationships and is able to influence others to develop relationships that are reflected in continuously positive experiences.