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Job: Director of Sales (KS – Remote)


Director of Sales (KS – Remote)


Contingent Upon Experience


Olathe, KS

Job Information

Our client is uniquely positioned to enter the Network Marketing industry and compete immediately with other established companies currently offering essential oil products. Being able to leverage their resources from their existing business, the client is able to produce up to $20mm worth of product annually without having to add any additional mechanical infrastructure. Additionally, the client has the ability to offer a level of production quality control beyond current standard expectations.

The global essential oil market is expected to reach $11.67 billion dollars per year in sales annually by the year 2022 (according to the research organization Grand View). In 2015, the essential oil market exceeded $6 billion in sales for the U.S. alone.

Essential oils are widely utilized as flavoring and aromatic agents across diverse end-use industries including medical, food & beverages, spa & relaxation, cleaning & home, etc. These oils can provide immense nutritive value to food and may increase the overall appeal of products with just a few drops.

Driven by a deep desire to help people, our client has chosen the Direct Sales industry as its sales model. This would give the opportunity for individuals a means to either supplement their income or earn a living through the sales of their products. “We want to give people the chance to change their lives. We believe by offering a high quality, in-demand product, competitively priced product we are allowing individual’s a chance to better themselves and their financial situations. At the end of the day we want to know we made a positive impact to our community and the people involved with our organization.” Stated the CEO.

We are looking for a; confident, competitive, collaborative, resilient, resourceful, intelligent, tech savvy, sales leader that is willing to bet on themselves all day long.

This unique opportunity is perfectly suited for the individual that is highly driven, and looking for compensation that rewards results. We are looking for a sales leader that embraces the use of modern technology and social media to build their own brand that they can use to benefit our client.

  • Proven and verifiable track record of developing successful sales teams. (downlines)
  • Strong rolodex of potential sales leaders
  • Experience in developing strategic business plans and building executable action plans to drive growth of the sales/distributor organization
  • Must have the ability to translate and sell benefits of the compensation plan to potential distributors
  • Comfortable and charismatic on stage presenting to small and large groups in public forums, must be comfortable being the “face” of the company.

Quantifiable Qualifications

Please be prepared to provide evidence of the following:

  • Track record of success within Network Marketing organization building and developing a successful downline.
  • 7+ year experience within Network Marketing
  • Demonstrable evidence of working with compensation plans to influence sales field behavior.
  • Ability to demonstrate long term sales strategy tactics and planning.
  • Examples of past plans, with examples of success and failure.
  • Be prepared to discuss a 30-,60-, 90-day plan that you would bring to the table if hired.




  • Submission of a current resume, preferably in Word format.
  • Initial phone screen with Hanna Shea Consulting
  • If mutual decision to advance is made, candidate will be required to sign NDA and provide additional documentation* and references as requested.
  • Presentation to client
  • Follow up will be determined during the interview.
  • Reference and background checks