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January, 2016

8 Great Interview Questions Every Prospective Employer Should Know About

    Whether you are a veteran at the interview process or hiring your first employee, there is no doubt that “the interview” is a critical component of the recruitment process, making it imperative to ask the right questions. Here are a few of the most important questions available to […]

Using Facebook and Social Media to Attract, Recruit & Retain Talent

In a day and age where business has become predominantly digital, most business leaders understand the importance of integrating social media into their sales and marketing strategies, however, many fail to consider it when it comes to first attracting, then recruiting and retaining quality candidates for their organizations. While most […]

Dress For Interview Success!

“If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.”  Deion Sanders As an executive recruiter, my job is to find the candidate with the right skills for the position and a right cultural fit for the company. Appearance […]

5 Reasons Why Hiring an Executive Recruiter FIRST Helps Direct Sales Companies Meet Hiring Needs FAST

I speak to in-house recruiting colleagues daily and the one thread that links our conversations is ROI. Recruiting ROI. Most are fearful of budget ramifications that will have a negative impact on their HR departments; which tend to run lean. Others tend to want more control over the process – […]